Man In Irvine Kills His Wife, Accused Of Murder

Irvine man accused of murdering wife.

The IPD (Irvine Police Department) apprehended a man aged 42 years in connection with a case of murder in the city. The suspect named Yunlong Bai admitted that he killed 33-year-old Chao Chen. The two were in a marital relationship for over 12 years, according to the suspect’s claim.


The IPD detained not just the man but also another person just a few hours before charging the former with murder. That crime happened on May 04, 2021, in a walled community situated on the so-called Red Apple Street.


In a recent statement, Karie Davies of the IPD said that the department became aware of the incident from Bai’s probation officer. Bai contacted that officer to say that he was involved in a homicide that happened at his house.


The other person from Bai’s house was living there as a renter. The department verified that the person had no part to play in that murder.


Following Bai’s arrest, he was moved to OC Jail, and he is now held there under a bail worth $1,130,000.


Davies told Irvine Weekly that the accused was serving a probationary period in connection with a 2020 domestic violence incident.