Cops Identify The Couple SWAT Apprehended After A Long Standoff

In late April, the Irvine Police Department used SWAT’s help to apprehend a woman and his boyfriend following a standoff for 8 hours. The IPD has now identified the woman as Mallory Arredondo, and her boyfriend as Daniel Ramirez. The department took to Twitter to reveal the duo’s identities.


Ramirez was accused of kidnapping and violence with a dangerous weapon. The department reported that the man hit the victim with a pistol after he stole that person’s car.


As per the IPD, the standoff happened on April 28, 2021, when the duo asked for the vehicle of a person they met only some days before. That person turned down Ramirez’s request, which then prompted the latter to take it without the former’s permission. After that, the victim contacted the department to report that the vehicle was stolen.


The department located it, but the cops avoided going after Ramirez as the victim told them that he was armed. It also demanded people to not be in the area around Irvine Spectrum Center and Irvine Center Drive.


Anyhow, when they returned to the car owner’s Irvine apartment, the officers found the vehicle parked in the garage in a running state. After that victim informed the officers of Ramirez’s return, the person was hit with a gun and forcibly held in the apartment.


At around 06:30 pm that day, the IPD contacted SWAT to deal with the hostage situation. Two hours later, the department told that Ramirez came out of the house in a peaceful way.


In its statement following the arrest, the IPD said that its officers seized three firearms, which included an AR-15 style rifle.


The three weapons were in different phases of disassembly. SWAT detectives felt that Ramirez disassembled those when the officers were trying to make him surrender.


Ramirez was apprehended and imprisoned for kidnapping, criminal threats, outstanding warrants, and physical attack with a dangerous weapon. The detectives would later request the OC District Attorney to add firearm charges against the perpetrator, if appropriate.