The Best Burger Restaurants In Irvine

Irvine's Best Burgers

Burgers are a vital component of the American food preparation style. So, many people often discuss which the best burger available in the US city is. It is not easy to whittle the list of burgers down to just one. That is why we recommend starting with the following burger sources.

Burger Lounge

This Irvine-based restaurant has a range of straightforward and tasty burgers, as well as shakes and fries. According to the opinion of consumers, a US burger joint has to be like this. The Burger Lounge’s menu does not have any bad products, but you have to think about trying ‘The Husky’. Its components include white cheddar, natural beef, fresh/grilled onion, and tomato pickles. A different interesting product available in the store is a vegan-friendly burger made of quinoa.

Umami Burger

You cannot go wrong with any product available in Umami Burger at the Irvine Spectrum. That said, it is worth noting that the so-called Double Truffle offers the maximum value for money. For the uninitiated, the word ‘umami’ refers to a savory, unctuous flavor.

The said burger is made with two patties, a glaze of truffle, truffle cheese fondue, and truffle aioli. You may also buy any other product in the venue with some Impossible Burger patties.

The Cut Handcrafted Burgers

Chef Andres Dangond’s restaurant is another quality location for handmade burger aficionados. No wonder why some people describe it as the mecca of burger lovers. The venue’s designated offerings are Savory and Original burgers. Anyhow, we would recommend visiting it for The Columbian, a burger made with cilantro chimichurri, roasted bananas, and mozzarella.

The food truck version of the US burger joint has won many food awards in Orange County. Therefore, it can be said that the restaurant is truly in the conventional burger scene of Irvine. It only appears to be improving with age.

The Counter

This Woodbury Town Center-based location has a program where you can create a burger with one-of-a-kind protein options. Some of those options are The Impossible Burger’s products, organic bison, turkey burgers, and beef patties.

The restaurant has various curated burgers, as well. One of those products is B.I.G!, also known as ‘Bison Is Gouda’. Its ingredients include organic bison, onion jam, baby spinach, smoked gouda, and scallions. It found a place in the list of 2021’s best burgers published on Irvine Weekly.

The Stand

Since the year 2003, this restaurant has been serving Irvine city residents craft beers and a broad range of fast food items. The present food items include sandwiches and hot dogs. There may not be anything fancy about this Irvine venue, but it is worth noting that there are a few good burgers on offer here.

The best of the lot is its Ultimate Egg Burger. It is better than the store’s signature burgers as well as custom preparations. Have you ever consumed a cheese-topped hamburger with bacon and fried egg? If not, consider including the above-mentioned product in your culinary bucket list.